The Machiavellian-manufactured melancholy of the made-up self

A single consciousness exists outside of space-time.

To exist within space-time it must be broken up to inhabit forms.

These forms (in the case of humans) possess an ego as a survival function that scans the landscape and organizes sensory input in order to inform physical responses to threats and opportunities in the environment. The ‘I’, the ‘ego’, the ‘self’, the ‘me, was not initially perceived to be the totality of consciousness. Rather it was the speedometer of the car… the fuel gauge — not the motor and the drive train it is thought to be now.

Upon discovering that humans, in whom this scanning-functionality eclipses endemic mystical awareness become unfulfilled, regretful, hopeless, pathetic and needy, the elite ruling class begins to order social institutions in a way that prioritizes development of the favorable trait (from their perspective) of identity-construction over the political and economic liability associated with allowing mystical awareness to persist in the population. The sense of fulfillment and belonging so prevalent in Eden does not a worker/soldier/voter/shopper make!

The mystical awareness (and sense of connectedness with nature, reality, and one another) that was once our natural state and divine right, having become counter to the interests of the few at the top is reimagined as ‘arcane’, ‘occult’, ‘witchcraft’, ‘evil’, or merely just ‘woo-woo’, hokum, and ‘mumbo-jumbo’.

Fast-forward to, “you are special and unique, now go get a job and show everyone just how special and unique by owning newest phone/video game/sports car/brand of jeans… — or, more recently — by posting pictures of your avocado toast on Instagram or showing how outraged you are by issue X on Twitter. With everyone now on the treadmill of perpetual dissatisfaction with their made-up ‘me’, identity-construction becomes the raison d’etre in our culture: the ultimate fuel for a consumption driven economic growth paradigm.

Desperate to end the hollowness and dissatisfaction inherent in trying to make their imaginary notion of self a real thing, things like indentured servitude, championing false-choice political parties, participating in false-choice elections, and dying in wars for other made-up things like countries (imaginary lines represented on maps) and religions (reverence for giant, invisible, sky-people), become the norm. Why? Because CEASING TO BE A NOBODY AND BECOMING A SOMEBODY is the only thing to care about (despite it being an ultimately futile exercise given the natural, mystical fabric of consciousness and reality). And all the way to the bank, the people who benefit from the mass proliferation of the delusion of the distinct self, the people who — either intentionally or through institutional social Darwinism — have facilitated the evolution of the perfect mechanism for exploitation and oppression of billions, laugh and laugh, despite, probably at this point, now being victims as well to the fruit of Eden they wrought.

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All is Self

I am sure my ham-fisted conveyance (though it is my intention that it be fun for the un-initiated) of the concept of mysticism in the Andy Crowley Saga gets lost in my peculiar penchant for a pulpy preponderance of purple prose. The documentary I share below, however, speaks concisely about the mystical nature of consciousness that is counter to the deluded notion of a distinct self perpetuated by those who would prefer us divided, deluded, disenchanted: labouring in their factories, worshiping in their churches, voting in their elections, shopping in their malls, and warring in their armies.

Read (and please share) The Andy Crowley Saga.

What is Art?

Fully realized, art is the practice of mysticism


The reality we know is the thoughts of the only consciousness there is. Call it Brahma. Call it God. Call it Eden. Call it The All. Call it whatever you will. When you understand what is told here, words and labels and names are beside the point

Each being that is born, is one splintered aspect of this consciousness that has forgotten it is — at its core — an aspect of the mind of The All.

As we grow from children to adults we are conditioned to focus on being the part — not the whole — for this delusion: the delusion of the distinct self is what empowers those who would use us to serve them. Divide and conquer is their modus operandi.

So deluded, we seek to define and embellish the masks and costumes of self we have constructed. This is the nonsense of races and nations, of religions and philosophies, of political parties and social causes. All of it is engineered to compel us to feed the artificial beast of ego so we will remain oblivious to our true nature and so submit willingly to war and toil for our masters in exchange for baubles and trinkets proffered by the idol of the false god they have erected — the economy.

The creative impulse, the impulse to art, is the most direct expression of our true nature. It is love not just for the splinter of The All we initially perceive ourselves to be, but it is an expression of the intent of The All itself through that splinter.

And so it is said, “starving artist!”, “You can not make a living doing that!” “Math is better than writing — and writing is better than art!”

Indeed, the opposite of all these statements is true!

But we are imprisoned by those who would use us to grow their power and wealth.

So we in-turn imprison and subdue the artists within us submitting instead to the pressure to assemble piecemeal the patchwork costumes of self we think will win us favour and fortune from others likewise writhing in the pit of drudgery and delusion.

Each must come to discover by what means they will light within others the lamp that withers that ancient, accursed fruit and shines brightly upon the many paths back to Eden.

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