A Real Man

“True manhood revels nought

In the waging of war

Or the weaselling of  wealth.

A real man revels in cosmic ponderings

Cultivates a magnificent moustache

And, above all other things

Endeavours to realize a world

More beautiful, gentle and kind

Than the one he received”


~ The Banjoman, Lord of Limbo 



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Gentler than Capitalism

More inspiring than Communism

Were the Three Grand Traditions of Limbo

Revere liberty was one

Never raise an angry hand was another

But the highest rule of all

Was keep less for yourself

Than you give to others

“Any one can get rich. But you’re not truly rich until you can give away more than you keep.” The Banjoman tipped his bowler hat. The flare from his amethyst eyes lent a peculiar hue to his crimson gunslinger moustache.

“When we all give more than we take, we are living the mystical truth of all reality.” Suddenly, he was on his feet. The magic banjo on his back struck a dramatic chord.

“Over billions of years, across billions of planes and worlds, few have listened.

And it really is all just as simple as that.”

Read (and please share) the Andy Crowley Saga.

Venus Stollers

We walk a dirt-road sunset

‘Gainst a jagged gold cornfield

There! Venus shines again

Into the pink of rising night

“I wonder,” she says

“If the people walking there

Ponder us

Up here in their sky.”