All is Self

I am sure my ham-fisted conveyance (though it is my intention that it be fun for the un-initiated) of the concept of mysticism in the Andy Crowley Saga gets lost in my peculiar penchant for a pulpy preponderance of purple prose. The documentary I share below, however, speaks concisely about the mystical nature of consciousness that is counter to the deluded notion of a distinct self perpetuated by those who would prefer us divided, deluded, disenchanted: labouring in their factories, worshiping in their churches, voting in their elections, shopping in their malls, and warring in their armies.

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A simple graphic to convey what meditation is

I talk a lot about how Andy uses meditation to relax into a mystical state where he can access the delta quanta at the centre of being in order to manipulate probability and spell out new reality. Of course, the probability manipulation part is just sorcerous science fantasy fun — but I feel the conception of meditation I use in the story is valuable.

Below is a diagram I created to convey my thoughts about a skill we should all take much more seriously.

For me, meditation is not an add-on or an afterthought. It provides a foundational clarity that results in subtly forgoing shallow and self-destructive choices that benefit the consumption paradigm for a compulsion to undertake pursuits that are more beneficial to physical, mental and creative health.


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Liberation from the Question that drives the loop of becoming

“What can I do next to become who I should be?”

“What can I do next to become who I should be?”

Quiet your mind and it will be revealed

That you ask this question on a loop

It’s what drives you. It’s what makes you a consumer. It’s what makes you exactly what they want you to be: an unfulfilled shell obsessed with stitching together a costume that will win you the favour of others.

Listen! Underneath the avalanche of nattering about what you need to do right now, what you should have done before and where you are going to get to if you start <insert thing you should be doing here> right now.

See! you just said it!

There! You just said it again!

Start meditating and you will realize that — especially in modern Western culture, which is fuelled by consumption driven economic growth — the only thing you do is ask this question. Again and again and again.

“What can I do next to become who I should be?”

Buy new jeans? Take a better selfie?

“What can I do next to become who I should be?”

Change my job? Clean my car?

“What can I do next to become who I should be?”

Buy a cooler phone? Go back to school?

“What can I do next to become who I should be?”

Wear a tighter T-Shirt? Tweet my outrage about some evil of the week or another?

When consciousness stops asking this question and opts instead to be aware of and engage in the world — it is awake; it is free; it is at peace.

That liberated mind has forsaken the fruit of Eden

And knows again the grace that lay beneath

That infernal, incessant question.

“What can I do next to become who I should be?”

There is nothing meaningful you can become (how would that even be defined?)

There is no pot of gold for the soul.

There is only cessation of asking that question

in order to completely, simply — be.


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Gentler than Capitalism

More inspiring than Communism

Were the Three Grand Traditions of Limbo

Revere liberty was one

Never raise an angry hand was another

But the highest rule of all

Was keep less for yourself

Than you give to others

“Any one can get rich. But you’re not truly rich until you can give away more than you keep.” The Banjoman tipped his bowler hat. The flare from his amethyst eyes lent a peculiar hue to his crimson gunslinger moustache.

“When we all give more than we take, we are living the mystical truth of all reality.” Suddenly, he was on his feet. The magic banjo on his back struck a dramatic chord.

“Over billions of years, across billions of planes and worlds, few have listened.

And it really is all just as simple as that.”

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What is the Glass Grimoire?

”Just like the prophecy said he would, he came from magicless Earth…


‘It was a rectangle of light that could tell him anything anyone could ever want to know. The fruit of Eden, dreaded in prophecy from the dawn of the multiverse.”

The Banjoman, was solemn as he pondered the implications of What he was about to say. His bright eyes dimmed and he parted his red gunslinger mustache with the fingers of one hand. Then he whispered the words as though they were an affront to reality and should not have been uttered.

“It was The Glass Grimoire.”

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The Cardinal


The church says this

The government says that

A cardinal sets upon a branch by a window

Stark against snowy branches

Blazing against pewter sky

A little, the fruit of Eden withers in us

A little, the things conjured to divide us die


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