The Creed of the Council of High Midwives of Atlantis

“We are fortunate,” said High Midwife 12. “Our government and our religion share our only laws, or commandments if you will. There are only two.”

And she bowed her regal head.

“Never harm

Never deceive

And by so doing

Exist as God

As Love.”

“Never Harm. Never Deceive.” the crowd in the room echoed back. It startled Andy, and the twenty-sided in his hand pulsed its desire for battle into his palm as a dull wave of painful cold. “CEASE!” he roared at it. He wanted to fully soak in the life-altering beauty of this place.

The Atlantean matriarchy, the Midwife Council, was rabidly environmentalist, and their sole agenda, spiritually, intellectually and academically, was to ensure the most vigorous, enriched, joyous lives possible for their society’s children. They had perfected the art of nurturing a wonderful, fulfilling life in harmony with one’s environment.

The most beautiful, moving music he had ever heard filled the streets of doomed Atlantis. The colours were magnificent! Exotic hybrids of Ancient Venusian and plant life and aquatic life of Earth decorated the streets of living coral. The glow of the Oxygen producing Venusian lichen on the walls of the enormous cavern. The grace, the soul-felt kindness, the genuine empathy, all of it stole Andy’s heart. Tears welled in his eyes.

And all of this, they had shared with Plato.

Rivendell by Rush came upon his mind then. He opened his third eye to soak it all in.

What a contrast, it seemed to Andy Crowley in that moment, to Pharaoh Mhotunkhamen IV’s approach to ruling the Martian Solar Dynasty.

Yin and Yang, man. Yin and Yang.