‘You’ Don’t Exist: Why an Enduring Self Is a Delusion @alternet

Mindfulness practice increases our capacity to ride the waves of pleasure and pain. What if our therapeutic goals of improving self-esteem, developing a stable and coherent sense of self, and identifying and expressing genuine, authentic feelings all turn out to be symptoms of delusion? And what if the current mindfulness craze—if we take it seriously enough—changes who we think we are and what we’re trying to do in therapy?

Source: ‘You’ Don’t Exist: Why an Enduring Self Is a Delusion @alternet

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Whenever he thinks on it, The Banjoman guffaws at the pointlessness due to arbitrariness of the myriad forms of rule making he has seen across countless worlds and realms.

Then the Lord of Limbo would always smile to recall the universe where humans had found the answer to conflict resolution and had brought peace to their world.

On Earth 17, The Three Lives Accord, 2034 decreed that lawyers and politicians be replaced with single-match, winner-take-all bouts of the arcade version of the 1983 two-player Mario Bros. game as the universal means of conflict resolution for all of humankind’s disagreements.

25 cents each.
Three lives apiece.
For fortune may only ever favour
the wiser path.


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