Let the Light of Letting Go…

“Let the light of letting go shine from you.” The Banjoman, Lord of Limbo clutched his worn Derby hat to his breast.

“And so be the lamp on the way of no ways.”

The Lord of Limbo re-donned his hat and looked deep into Andy Crowley’s eyes. Andy was awestruck at the history he sensed in their purple depths.

“It is The Sole Law of Limbo. It inspires our creed to illumine the path to the bliss between all things.”

So we may burn like stars with the power of understanding that what one deems anarchy, another calls grace.”

Then he stood, slung his banjo across his back and made for the amethyst mist swirling beyond the archway of Limbo’s Ouroboros Gate.

Andy Crowley conjured an emerald green aetheric protective field he had taken to calling brainmail and followed The Banjoman into the mist.

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