Absurdity, Awakening, and Alan Watts

The inspiration to write The Andy Crowley Saga came from a number of places. The world view of Charles Dickens, the unfettered fun of early science fiction radio serials, 70s prog rock music, the imaginative visual audacity of comic book artist Jack Kirby, and the far flung psychedelic mystic fantasy of Michael Moorcock. But the glue, I would say — and the jet fuel / laughing gas — came from the pragmatic philosophy of Alan Watts.

I often think of this work as an elaborate koan by way of theatre of the absurd. I like to think it offers value by way of furthering the notion that the arbitrarily attributed nomenclature and delineations of reality we imagine into being (and then revere as dogmatic certainties) are the shackles that prevent us from awakening. I also like to think that Alan would agree — and approve.

I encourage you to learn more about the life and works of Alan Watts here.


You can also explore how his legacy persists and grows here.


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