So Sayeth The Banjoman


“Your kind have called it salvation, enlightenment, Heaven, Nirvana and Eden, among so many other things. It has been veiled in your mythologies as a place as well as a state of mind — and really, in the end, what is the difference?

All, are attempts to describe a singular notion, seemingly so elusive, yet just right there for the grasping.

Absent all the concoctions, conjurations and conceptions — all the contrivances, conveniences and constructions consciousness imposes — there is nought but the wondrous pulsating burst of each new right now: the all that is we seem so intent on never being there to enjoy.

Between, but never of, places; between, but never of, thoughts — it is the way of no way.

And I be its master.

And so also its fool.”

~ The Banjoman, Lord of Limbo

The Andy Crowley Saga

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