Supporting The Andy Crowley Saga (and not with money)

Please Consider Offering Comments, Reviews, Shares and Insights

Calling all readers!

As I pound the last four chapters of Part Two of the Andy Crowley saga into the Glass Grimoire, I would like to invite any who are reading to offer feedback on the story so far.


For a passion project that I’ve never had any intention of charging gold pieces for, the enthusiasm of the readership is the energy that fuels the endeavour.

I hope some of you will consider commenting under the chapters. Whether it’s offering some philosophical, occult, spiritual or RPG discussion; suggesting a story idea or character development opportunity; or perhaps sharing the 70s/80s rock song that best encapsulates the spirit of that chapter, I envision a lively conversation amongst a community that would join me on this mystical odyssey beyond the relative mundanity of magicless Earth.

Knowing that I wax whimsical and romantic here, I propose to the most generous among you, that reviews and fan art would be especially helpful!

And finally, please share The Andy Crowley Saga wherever you can. The social media buttons below can help with that. The more the merrier to be sure!

If you think it rocks, please help it roll!


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