Invest in that which cannot be taken from you

From Infinitezen on Reddit

Have you ever noticed that how often it is that people who have achieved vast material success seem to live in fear despite it? They fear the next market crash, the next war, the next sickness; anything that might pop their bubble and force them to confront whatever unpleasant realities they might be surrounded by. Ultimately this is why the rich don’t even want to be reminded of poor people and their suffering, because the guilt they feel is just another unwanted source of pain.

The solution? Invest in your brain, your soul, your relationships, your harmony with the natural world. These things also provide pleasure, but without the guilt of selfishness or the embrace of nihilistic hedonism. Remember that for every Hollywood/Wall Street success story there lies a pile of broken dreams from people who based their entire happiness and identity around recognition that was never achieved. Be grateful for whatever is on your plate and make sure to share even if it seems you don’t have enough.

Here is the original post.

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