Like gravity or light, what if consciousness is an intrinsic aspect of reality?

Is consciousness the unaccounted-for actor in the realm of physics?

Underlying this exploits of Andy Crowley is a notion intrinsic to mystical thought. In the conception of The All, as articulated in the mystery religions, esoteric thought, Hermeticism and so on, we see the universe (multiverse) — all of reality — conceived of as one thought or a process of thinking.

In the notion of panpsychism, or the idea that consciousness is an ambient aspect of reality, much like gravity or energy, are we seeing the fulfillment of ancient, timeless (and systemically forbidden because it undermines the authority of entrenched power structures) spirituality converging with the forward edge of science?

Loosen up, let go, and wakey, wakey for goodness sakey!

Here is a clear and concise article on the subject.

Is the Universe Conscious?

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