We are that which is breathing;

not that which is breathed into being.

I often think about this as a way to conceive of meditation in the mystical sense.

The breath is the thing — the prime mover. The meat that forms around it and generates the electrical impulses that form sensation, thoughts, and the construct of self, are mere by-products of the breath, which is a function of a kind of will exterior to consciousness.

I have found that this thought experiment (or is it, perhaps, a fundamental truth of existence?) helps facilitate achievement of the meditative state.

2 thoughts on “We are that which is breathing;

    • I’ve never really thought about where the breath comes from. The thing that makes me think is that the breath happens independent of any desire for it to happen or conscious effort. It is amazing to me that respiration transforms basic elements into organs and energy, which in turn generate thoughts and the notion of self. I, me, we, they — all fabrications secondary to a process nobody wills to happen. Weird. Most of what I write is underpinned by this notion — identity/self is a construct assembled from concepts we collect like coats of paint that are layered over the truth of being that is at the heart all life — whatever it is that moves the lungs or knits the skin back together on a wound. I think meditation is the process of shedding the self we construct so we can reach inward to our true nature, which is perhaps the complete absence of self. The All.

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