Meditation reveals what's under the paint…

… and threatens a structure that prefers you not know

If consciousness, as some philosophers — and increasingly physicists — believe, is indeed a force of nature like gravity or magnetism, then YOU (aka me, I, self, ego) no more possess your own consciousness than a moon possesses its own gravity.

There is just consciousness in the same way there is just gravity. These forces transcend the delineations of reality they function upon — or within.

Gravity exists whether or not there is a planet (or an apple) available to ‘have’ gravity. What if the same is true of consciousness?

What if, what youare, is in fact, merely a collection of designations, articulations, categorizations and labels stacked one one upon the other from the moment of conception to the moment in which you read this?

Think about it. Who were you in the womb — before you were left or right handed? Who were you before you were black or white? Who were you before you were male or female? Who were you before you were Christian or Atheist? American or Canadian? Conservative or liberal? iPhone or Android? Disco or rock n’ roll?

The answer is simpler than you might expect.

YOU are the construct that results from the attributions that are layered upon consciousness. YOU are the coats of paint upon a long-forgotten phantom. YOU are the bandages and sunglasses on the invisible man.

And meditation is the means by which the YOU reconnects with what is under all the paint.

Simple really.

The reason a political-economic system that would exploit you and prevent you from becoming aware of that exploitation would prefer you did not know this (hence all the contrived, constructed arbitrary delineations of reality like race, religion, nation, political party, fashion, etc.) is that when a person becomes aware that consciousness is transcendent to me or you in the same way that gravity is transcendent to Moon or Earth, that person stops longing and fearing. And a person who stops longing (mostly for trinkets, baubles, compliments, and approval) and fearing (mostly alienation and death, both of which become pointless with this new information) they stop obeying.

This is why social structures through history, engineered primarily to limit, control and exploit, condition their subjects to prioritize the surfaces of things over the substance of them. It is why we are constantly lured to find ourselves outside rather than within.

Whether it be our gods, clothes, cars, spouses or jobs, always our happiness, security, salvation and fulfillment are to be found in constructs external to us. Always we are to strive outward for the things that will improve our lot or raise our standing. Always, there is another item to be acquired, approval to be won: another coat of paint that will ‘touch up’ and improve upon the perpetually inadequate YOU.

As for finding fulfillment and grace in things that are right here, right now, accessible, abundant, free, renewable — even infinite — well… hell no! That’s just new age hippie stuff and woo-woo at best. Or worse… arcane, sinister and altogether damnable to civilized behaviour!

Chasing fulfillment in the adornments and approvals of the outer realm is merely the trap set to keep us sleepwalking.

An earnest turn inward to the path of meditation and wakefulness is the journey beneath the caked on paint to where the force we all share — indeed, the force we all ARE —  is rediscovered.

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