Mysticism as Chaos Magick & Anarchy as Grace — Who are They that Draw the Lines?

Transcending the arbitrary lines imposed upon reality has always been cast as evil — for it undermines those who draw the lines.

Mysticism is a major theme in the Andy Crowley Saga. So it follows that I should offer some sort of definition.

Whether it is pursued through a number of philosophical or religious means, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism, Hinduism, and variations of the Abrahamic religions; or through secular means, such as yoga, mindfulness, or other, various forms of meditation, the goal is the same — transcendence beyond perception of existence as a jigsaw puzzle, mechanical construct of pieces, blocks or gears that have been arbitrarily imposed upon a reality that is inherently whole, singular and undivided. Endemic to this notion of a singular, organic, dynamic reality is the idea that even the conception of self as in me or is an abstract construct and that dissolution of this construct — if even temporarily — offers glimpses of what some call the divine, and others call unity.

The conception of mysticism, as I define it here, exists counter to the Western philosophical notion of reductionism: an approach to understanding the nature of complex things by reducing them to the interactions of their parts, or to simpler or more fundamental things. In this case the complex thing to be understood is all of reality.

So as the mystic sees it, all the simpler, more fundamental things (numbers, letters, countries, racial, ethnic and gender classifications, religions, political parties, colours, self, and so on…) used to understand the complex thing (reality) are merely arbitrary conceptual constructs, devoid of any truth or legitimacy in and of themselves.

Further to this point, I must add as a political scientist, that the constructed delineations that manifest and evolve in the reductionist version of reality as we tend to know it (versus the true unmolested reality the mystic seeks to reconnect with) are maintained in a divide and conquer strategy that have long served the upper echelons of society in their management of the masses. The delineations of race, nation, religion, and good and evil in particular have served the aristocratic few well in their perpetual efforts to limit, control and manage the whims and aspirations of the many.

And so I come around to the point of this post.

While I argue it is initially the purpose of every religion to move humanity toward the communion of humanity and reality in the mystical manner described above, this does not necessarily serve the interests of a ruling class, and so, inevitably, one person’s kind, generous and wise mystic, monk, or priest becomes another person’s diabolical, selfish, and cruel witch, sorcerer or practitioner of chaos magick — and vice versa, depending on where one draws and/or regards those lines!

See how this works?

For the false lines we draw in reality — or worse, the false lines that are drawn for us — are like bars in a prison, or the fences in a coral, limiting us and guiding us along systems of belief that beckon us to support an agenda that is more often than not counter to our own interests.

This election season illuminates this point beautifully. But there is not enough time here to go there!

To my point. I have conceived the Andy Crowley Saga as a philosophical blurring of the lines wrapped in pulp, four-colour comic book paper. Ultimately it is an illumination of mysticism. And while I call Andy a sorcerer and invoke pseudo-scientific quantum realm allusions for fun, he is — as I see it — a mystic.

But when I came across a blog entry on Chaos Magick on Twitter. Namely, this one:

What is Chaos Magick | Spiral Nature

I couldn’t help but enjoy how it reinforces the importance of understanding mysticism (which incidentally, also embodies the cessation of judgement and prejudice).

I call Andy a mystic. This article suggests he is a practitioner of Chaos Magick. But in the end, what does it matter — other than as a means by which, a powerful elite would like something to be considered unsavoury?

To illustrate in terms of social engineering through reductionism…

Monk or priest seeking communion with the divine: cool.
Chaos magician or sorcerer seeking communion with the divine: not cool.

Enlightenment as the result of delineation of reality: cool
Anarchy as the result of delineation of reality: not cool.

Semantics. Cages.

Are you catching my drift? Without going too far into it, I hope you will also start to see why music in general, and rock and roll in particular, are also important aspects of Andy’s mysticism.

We’re about breaking down walls here. Walls that have been built to contain, limit, and obfuscate a grander, deeper, reality where there are no barriers between inner and outer realms — and by extension, no barriers between each other.

An excerpt that explores Andy’s particular style of mysticism/sorcery/chaos magick/witchcraft/probability manipulation/communion/bla-bla/meditation/prayer…and so on, follows.

Please discuss, share and explore.

He settled into the full lotus position with a hand on each knee. His fingers were contorted into neuro-trigger formations adopted by medieval ninja from primeval Japanese animism. As he breached the inner barrier to the null-point, standard gravitation collapsed around his body. It was the telltale sign he had accessed the probability vortices where he could re-define reality itself.

His long hair drifted up into a halo about his head and he levitated upward from the centre of the magic circle on the floor. From the European Renaissance era Clavicula Solomonis, it was drawn on his bedroom floor with a mixture made from a drop of his blood, a powder of pure silver, and purple food colouring.

The design of the protective circle was modified slightly to include a personalized rendering of an Atlantean merkaba (two three-sided pyramids intersecting to form a sort of three-dimensional hexagram) in the centre.

Andy was the realization of the collective possibility of all the schools of magic and religious beliefs from all the cultures of his world. There was no adherence to any one ceremonial form. He understood the truth of sorcery. It wasn’t about following rules set out in any one set of ritual practices; it was about an informed pragmatism that empowered a sorcerer to incite specific neurological phenomenon that tore down barriers to the inner mind where the will could interact with probability fields and affect changes in the causal/spacial/temporal mobius loop of inner and outer consciousness that connected imagination and manifestation.

As he inhaled the ego-disintegrating chemical properties from Himalayan incense burning in the cauldron on the edge of the magic circle, his eyes were rolled up and in to submit their function to his pineal gland: the third eye. The resultant white, pupil-less stare was known as the wizard’s gaze. And while he willed his ears to shut out even the slightest distraction, his mouth muttered the incantation.

Andy innately grasped the secret at the heart of magical practice: a commitment to believing in nothing, is necessarily – and paradoxically – also a commitment to believing in everything. All designations, categorizations, and delineations conceived by mind are in truth entirely arbitrary contrivances with no intrinsic meaning or function. Reality – when all the imagined conceptualizations and labels are stripped away – especially, the contrivance of a distinct self – is revealed to be a single, shifting, unified whole. Here in the deepest inner sanctums of the mind (or was it the most distant reaches of space?) was the raw stuff of unmolested reality. And here, amongst the shapeless sensation of the shifting probability vortices, the sorcerer could make and unmake reality like a potter with so much clay.

It was this understanding that was at the root of the ability to practice true magic.

The elaborate incantations, finger contortions and circles and mandalas weren’t the means by which the sorcerer altered probability. Rather, these were merely sensory stimuli, which in various combinations had been tested and proven through history to incite the generation and interaction of specific electrical patterns of impulses in the nervous system and vibrations in the aetheric field surrounding the body. These phenomenon and their associated quantum field variations opened access by the consciousness to the deepest inner mind where the conceived world and the perceived world became one and the same: where probability could be altered by the dictates of one’s will.

As above. So below.

Around Andy’s contorted fingers other intricate magic circles appeared and rotated about his hands. They shifted and shook in and out of human perceptual range. When they could be seen most clearly, they looked as though they had been drawn with a scalpel – like slices cut into reality itself to let the shifting scarlet red and indigo shine through. From Andy’s mouth a green glow, which had penetrated and coated his inner organs, crept out to quickly envelop the outside of his entire body. This glowing field of energy was the colour of lime that had not yet ripened. Known commonly as brainmail, this relative intensification of the endemic aetheric energy around the body was the standard armour of the sorcerer. It was also a life support system in alien realms, enabling one to withstand a wide range of temperatures, atmospheric pressures and toxic envrionments.

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