Beyond All Reckoning,

a Teenage, Rock n’ Roll, Outer-Space Wizard



Must Defy his Dark Destiny


“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding”

~ The Kybalion



Andy Crowley cared more about Dungeons & Dragons and rock n’ roll than he did about grades and girls: nothing too unusual for a teenage boy in 1984. That he was a sorcerer destined to rule over all reality, however, was unusual enough to attract some very unwanted attention.

From a quaint riverbank on magicless Earth into the sorcerous bedlam of the wider, wilder multiverse, join Andy Crowley; Kip Kilroy of Mars; Jasco of the realm of Fey; and the enigmatic Banjoman of Limbo, in a race to possess the one thing that can help Andy defy his dark destiny…

… The Glass Grimoire.


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