In 1984, to avoid becoming a god,


a teenage, rock n’ roll, outer-space wizard
must become a man

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding”

~ The Kybalion

At the centre of this history then is Sanctuary. A spherical speck of existence containing four planets rimmed by a belt of asteroids around a middling yellow star. Altogether unspectacular at a passing glance, Sanctuary, unbeknownst to its native inhabitants, was esteemed as the sacred jewel of the multiverse, for it was the one place in all existence where consciousness could not penetrate inward across the moebius bridge into the probability fields of the quantum vortices.

Few, if any, of the wisest sages in all reality suspected that the being who would become the dread Abraxas, vanquisher of all free will in the cosmos, would be born on Sanctuary: the one place where magic did not work.

And so, on that warm day in June, when Andy Crowley waded into the river behind his home to cast his first spell, a chill shuddered through the cosmos. And across a distance unfathomable, through the purple mist of the realm between realms, into the ear of one of only a few beings inclined to listen for it, the winds of Limbo whispered the name it was Andy’s destiny to bear…

… Abraxas

Revised from reader feedback.

New chapters on the first Friday of every month.

Part 40s sci-fi radio serial, part 70s prog rock album cover, The Andy Crowley Saga is a pulp science fantasy series exploring the mystical nature of being. 

A new chapter in Andy Crowley’s cosmic saga is released every Friday at 7 pm EST. Then, each chapter is continually edited and revised using the reader feedback offered in the comments.

It is my hope that a sprawling, kaleidoscopic, head-long, white-knuckle odyssey into a wider, wilder cosmos evolves here — but also that a dynamic, collaborative treatise on mysticism and consciousness takes root and grows as well.

In 1984, if you want to rock, you have to roll…

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