To avoid becoming a god


a boy must become a man


Ancaster (Andy) Crowley cared more about Dungeons & Dragons and rock and roll than he did about grades and girls. Nothing all that unusual for a high school head-banger in 1984. But something was amiss, and that something had drawn the attention of the secret council of five sorcerers and gods entrusted with maintaining the balance of cosmic power.

Somehow, inexplicably, Andy Crowley had been practicing magic on Earth, where magic was supposed to be impossible. There was also the worrisome matter of his destiny to conquer all reality.

Across the astral plane and through the Hades Annex of the United Hells; from Atlantis, the last refuge of the twice-doomed Venusians, to the throne worlds of the First Martian Solar Dynasty; beyond even Olympus, Asgard, Heliopolis, Heaven, and the Realm of Fey, disembark from innocent Earth for the sorcerous bedlam of the wider, wilder multiverse…

..where probability is but the plaything of sorcerers and the only fiction might just be you.

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